Boku no Hero Academia – How to Nail Shounen

Spoiler-free, although includes images with text edited out. Decide for yourself.

Despite being one of the newer additions to Weekly Shounen Jump, Kouhei Horikoshi’s Boku no Hero Academia has quickly amassed a huge following. This is no surprise as, after having gotten up to date myself, it pretty much executes everything necessary to a good shounen manga very well. So let’s break down this manga in order to discover how exactly it has become a shining example of the genre.

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The Genius of Assassination Classroom

When Assassination Classroom aired it’s first cour in Winter 2015, it was not at the top of anyone’s list. I even predicted the show’s premise would grow tiresome by the end of the season. Yet the show has quietly gone from strength to strength – and now, as it enters it’s conclusion – I am devastated at it ending. Assassination Classroom is in actual fact one of the most original and inventive shows out there and certainly the best of the current Shounen Jump big hitters. This probably goes to show that you don’t realise what you have until you lose it.

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